Monday, 30 April 2012

Lina Medina became a mother at the age of 5

In 1939 at Pisco in Peru, an Indian woman from the foothills of the Andes brought her child a little girl, scarcely three feet tall, with an enormously bulging abdomen. She wanted the doctor of the hospital Surgeon Geraldo Lozada to help her exorcise the evil spirits which she believed had taken possession of her child. Certain that the little child had an abdominal tumour, Dr. Lozada examined her, and received the surprise of his life when he discovered that the little girl, Lina Medina who was just 5 years old was eight months pregnant. 
Lina was taken to the capital of Peru for further check up by other specialists and it was confirmed that Lina was in fact pregnant. It was also confirmed that her menarche had occurred at 8 months of age, and that she had had prominent breast development by the age of 4. By age 5 her figure displayed pelvic widening and advanced bone maturation. A month and a half later, on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a boy by a caesarean section necessitated by her small pelvis in a surgery performed by Dr. Lozada and Dr. Busalleu, with Dr. Colretta providing anaesthesia, this making Lina Medina the youngest birth mother ever. Her son at birth weighed 2.7 kg (6 lb) and was named Gerardo after her doctor. Gerardo grew up healthy and died in 1979 at the age of 40 of a disease of the bone marrow. 
The big question is, "who was the father of the child?" There was never evidence that Lina Medina's pregnancy occurred in any but the usual way, but she never revealed the father of the child, nor the circumstances of her impregnation for she couldn't give a precise response. Dr. Escomel suggested she might not actually know herself. Lina's father was arrested on suspicion of rape and incest, but was later released due to lack of evidence. In history 80% of young birth mothers were impregnated by a very close relative such as their father, grandfather, brother, cousin, step father, half brother e.t.c.
There is a closely related cases of young birth at age 6 (yelizaveta "Liza" from Ukraine in 1934) and a case of a Nigerian young birth mother, Mum-Zi who gave birth at the age of 8 to Chief Akkiri ,she was a member of Chief Akkiri's harem in an island in Calaber, Nigeria. Her daughter also gave birth extremely early making Mum-Zi a grandmother at age 15.
The above photos shows when Medina was seven and a half months into pregnancy, Lina Medina and her son after delivery and when her son Gerardo was eleven months old.

Friday, 20 April 2012

From Rosa Parks to Barak Obama

The No. 2857 bus on which Parks was riding before she was arrested (a GM "old-look" transit bus, serial number 1132), is now a museum exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an African-American civil rights activist, whom the U.S. Congress called "the first lady of civil rights", and "the mother of the freedom movement".

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake's order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger. Parks' action was not the first of its kind to impact the civil rights issue. Others had taken similar steps, but Parks' civil disobedience had the effect of sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Rosa Parks in 1955, with Martin Luther King, Jr. in the background
 On Monday, December 5, a new organization was to lead the boycott effort. The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) was formed. Its members elected as their president a relative newcomer to Montgomery, a young and mostly unknown minister of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parks' act of defiance helped boycott leader Martin Luther King, Jr to national prominence in the civil rights movement. 
President Barak Obama sits for a moment inside the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give out her seat
The advancement of civil right in the United State by King Jr by non-violent methods as preached by Mahatma Gandhi made the election of a black president possible. And today the efforts of Parks and King Jr have yielded a black President of the United State - President Barak Obama.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Platypus: an Animal so Odd

Platypus, an odd-looking creature has a bill and web-feet like a duck, a body and fur like an otter and a tail like a beaver. It lays egg like a chicken, burrows like a wombat and suckles its young like a mother bear. A creature so strange that the first scientist to examine it suspected it was a hoax!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala vs The United States of America

The race for the presidency of the Bretton Woods institution(World Bank) had been narrowed down to two candidates - Nigeria’s Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a Korean-American Physician and United States’ nominee - after the former Colombian finance minister, Jose Antonio Ocampo, withdrew his candidacy at the weekend. In fact, Ocampo had thrown his weight behind the Nigerian finance minister, describing her as an "excellent candidate". Zoellick’s tenure expires on June 30.

Observers had been curious that Kim had not even appeared on any major American interview. It had been suggested that his handlers were worried that he might make a slip, which would bring the issue of merit to the fore once again.

“That is why they have resulted to issuing press releases about his visits to different parts of the world,” one of them noted.

However, Okonjo-Iweala, who had also served as managing director of the multilateral institution, has the support of other emerging economies.

Okonjo-Iweala when interviewed by the World Bank board last week promised to tackle global poverty and address issues of job creation if elected.

She also advised the US to end the long tradition of an American always heading the Bretton Woods institution, saying that the decision on who leads the global development institution should go to the candidate with the best skills for the job.

The finance minister had also dismissed the argument by some US politicians that the American country would stop financing the World Bank if a non-American took the reins of the institution. She said she would use her "persuasive powers" to convince Congress to keep funds flowing to the World Bank.

On his part, Kim, had during the interview session with the board of directors of the bank, said that he would not hesitate to question the status quo and do his best to help the world's poorest countries.

Kim had said: “I would bring rigour; objectivity and a focus on data that help all of us define and achieve our shared vision of securing strong economic growth and delivering greater opportunity for the world's poor.”

The contest is now between Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the United State of America and not Jim Yong Kim who is seen as not only unqualified but also not a match for Okonjo-Iweala. But knowing how the system is Okonjo-Iweala know she has already lost and has come out to say that Jim Yung Kim is the next president of the World Bank because the method of selection which is not based on merit but by percentage own. A successor to the out-going President of the World Bank, Mr. Robert Zoellick, will emerge Monday between 5pm and 7pm (12 noon and 2pm Washington DC time), when the results will be announced.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Don Jazzy e-mail to D’Banj and D’Banj's reply to Don Jazzy

That Mo'Hits Records does not already own 100 per cent of the songs. Note that Mo'Hits Records only owns 60 per cent of the songs and 40 per cent belongs to the individual artiste. So, 40 per cent of the songs is not mine to give. That me (I am) giving him (D'banj) my share of the catalogue does not and will never include him having the right to stop them (the artistes)  from performing the songs or give him the right to claim any monies for live performances of these songs. And any loans or debt owed by Mo'Hits records as at today will be cleared by Mr D'banj as I am clearly not aware of any.
So, songs like Wande Coal's Go Low and Been Long You Saw Me are not part of this catalogue he is receiving. Also, an artiste like D'Prince, not only has he not released any album, he has not signed any contract whatsoever with Mo'Hits Records. That he has no right to claim any monies for deals that have been brokered already as at today with the catalogues or stop their usage. It is important to note that any unreleased songs done by any artiste (including D'banj and K-Switch) MUST NOT be released and is not part of the catalogue I am giving away.
With these few points, I do hope that you all realise that I have been generous enough to facilitate the End of the "D'banj & Don Jazzy" era as a team. After this new deal has been signed and sealed, I do NOT look forward to seeing an email whatsoever or hearing from the DKM (D'banj, K-Switch, Mo'Hits) crew, and all is well again.
In case he (Don Jazzy) forgot, this is the arrangement! 50/50—–song writer/ production, which means for a song X for artiste Y, 75 per cent as per production is fully owned by Mo'Hits and writing is shared 25/25 with the individual artiste co- writing. So, that's the deal! So him (sic) saying 40 per cent is not his to give away is more like 75per me and 25per each artiste.
What do you mean by any bills or loans would be cleared by Mr. D'banj? That will never happen because when I ran the company, I ran it perfectly and well. So, if I give him my shares he is left with 100 per cent liability. My catalogue is everything that has been done with the Mo'Hits system and under the normal agreement we have, that means everything I have recorded or that has been recorded whether new or old, or even classic, whether beat with concept or even idea without beats, anything we did as a team and sponsored by me throughout, then, it is mine. Including K-switch clause and all mine and even Wande's singles and all till the date of signing even today.
And now, (I) wanna clear the air on this Samsung deal! I would expect by now that you understand that me keeping quiet is being GENEROUS because this is a deal structured under Mo'Hits Records, (and it is) the first deal and income you would ever bring into the company in  eight years. We shared the first 150k (One hundred and fifty thousand dollars) the right way, 1/3 down and that was cool. But after you collected another 130k and did not say anything (that) is and could be described as theft! I only refused to contact them (Samsung) directly because of your reputation. But please don't call me a fool and let's know who is generous!"
Please, please, will he (Don Jazzy) return the Bentley because I bought it for him and it was N5.2m more than mine? And Prince that he claims has no signed contract but is actively involved and signed via engagement– I win his catalogue too – all recorded whether released now or not! This is because no one questioned me when I bought D'Prince N11m naira car (LR3/Range) without releasing any album just to boost the image of the boy and it worked for him! So, let's get the facts straight, I AM BEING MORE THAN GENEROUS.